British Vogue July Issue.

Featured in British Vogue, July Issue.

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Garment, Styling and Art direction : Min Kim                           

Photographer : Mina Son

Make up : Somi Jang

Hair : Changdae Park

Model : Marina F from JS Agency Korea

Vogue Italy 'Best of Photo Vogue'

'Tracing your left behind' story is on Vogue Italy, Photo Vogue.

I was responsible for art directing and styling for this story.

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Art direction and styling : Min Kim

Photography : Mina Son

Make up : Some Jang

Hair : Changdae Park

Model : Marina F from JS Agency Korea

Contribute to : Yuulyie, 2Moment7, Life A Live, Awesome needs, Sukyeong Back, Sohee Park, Seulki Sue Lee.


Featured in L'Officiel Magazine.

 The key garment from 'wearable wood frames' collection and Yellow top sponsored by Alcantara s.P.a were featured in L'Officiel Magazine, Ukraine.



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Photography: Noémi Ottilia Szabo 

Styling: Noemie Schelbert 

Model: Lotte, Wilhelmina Models 

Make up: Luka Watabe

Hair: Junko Hair 

Featured in Nasty Magazine.

Check out the new story of 'Qu'ils mangent de la brioche' on Nasty Magazine.




Qu’ils mangent de la brioche



Photography: Noémi Ottilia Szabo / @mimigraphie
Styling: Petra Haller @la_peach_
Hair: Lilith Amrad using Kevin Murphy / @lilith_amrad @love_kevin_murphy
Makeup: Annina Steinseifer / @anninamakeupartist
Model: Anna Pravorotskaya at Option Model / @annapravorotskaya @optionmodelagency